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Teaching Experience

My experience teaching spans for more than two decades, where I have taught a wide range of subjects for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Current Teaching (Department of Computer Science, Middlesex University, UK) at undergraduate Level: optional topic "Introduction to Ubiquitous Computing" (2012,...), final year "Individual Project" (2016, ...), and at postgraduate level I lead the AAL MSc by Research as well as guiding PhD students.


  • Undergraduate-Level teaching:

Natural Language Processing (COM578) [2011, 2012]

Logic Pogramming and Artificial Intelligence (COM530J1) [2004, ... ,2008]

Topics in Real Time Systems [2000, 2001]
Dynamic Systems [1997, ..., 2001]

Knowledge Based Systems [1995, ..., 1996],

Theory of Computing [1994,...,2001] (included formal languages, automata theory, recursive functions, Petri nets and computability)

  • Postgraduate-Level teaching:

Reliable Software Development (COM914J1) [2009, ... ,2012]

Intelligent Agents (COM836) [2009]

Formal Design and Verification (COM914J2) [2007, 2008]

Temporal Databases [2001]

Temporal Logic [1999]

Programming in Temporal Logic [1999]

Formal Systems in Computer Science [1999, ..., 2001]

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