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I have contributed with more than 280 publications, most of which are listed in this section. Many of the most recent ones can be downloaded, if you need any of the papers which is not available for downloading, let me know ...

Disclaimer: in order to support publishers only PDFs of articles published in a previous year (or open access) are uploaded. If you are interested on a recently published paper contact me and I will be happy to discuss the results and processes we used.

Journal Articles (2010 onwards)


Towards Engineering Higher Quality Intelligent Environments: A Multi Case Study Approach, Adityarajsingh Santokhee, Juan Carlos Augusto, Lindsey Brodie Software Quality Journal, Springer, 2025.


Taxonomy and software architecture for real-time context-aware collaborative smart environments. A. Bazan-Muñoz, G. Ortiz, J. C. Augusto,  and A. Garcia-de-Prado. Internet of Things. Elsevier. 2024.


Applying Motivational Techniques for User Adherence to adopt a Healthy Lifestyle in a Gamified Application. Shabih Fatima, Juan Carlos Augusto, Ralph Moseley, Povilas Urbonas, Anne Elliott, Nicola Payne.  Entertainment Computing 42. Elsevier. 2023.

A User-guided Personalization Methodology to Facilitate New Smart Home Occupancy. S NM Murad Ali, Juan Carlos Augusto, David Windridge, and Emma Ward.  Universal Access in the Information Society, 22:869–891. Springer. 2023.

Contexts and Context-awareness Revisited from an Intelligent Environments Perspective. Juan Carlos Augusto. Applied Articial Intelligence, 36(1), Taylor and Francis. (2022).

Context-Aware System for Cardiac Condition Monitoring and Management: A Survey. Godwin Okechukwu Ogbuabor, Juan C. Augusto, Ralph Moseley and Al´echia van Wyk. Behaviour and Information Technology 41(4):759-776, Taylor and Francis, 2022.

​​The Life-cycle of Articial Contexts. Juan Carlos Augusto and Thomas E. Dickins. ISTE Open Science Journal - (Modeling and Using Context section). Volume 4, July 2021.

Using argumentation to solve conflicting situations in users' preferences in ambient assisted living. Oguego, Chimezie, Augusto, Juan Carlos , Springett, Mark , Quinde, Mario and James-Reynolds, Carl (2021)  Applied Artificial Intelligence, 35(15):2327-2369, Taylor and Francis.


AnAbEL: Towards Empowering people living with dementia in Ambient Assisted Living. Jose Gines Gimenez Manuel, Juan Carlos Augusto, Jill Stewart. Universal Access in the Information Society, 21:457–476. Springer, 2022.


Using Technology to Encourage a Healthier Lifestyle in People with Down's Syndrome, A. Mohammedi and J. C. Augusto. Universal Access in the Information Society, 20:343-358, Springer, 2021.

Context-aware Systems Architecture (CaSA). J. C. Augusto, M. J. Quinde, C. L. Oguego, J. G. Gimenez Manuel. Cybernetics and Systems, Taylor and Francis, Volume 53, 2022 - Issue 4 (2021).

A Smart Environments Architecture (SEArch), J. C. Augusto, J. G. Gimenez-Manuel, M. Quinde, Ch. Oguego, M. Ali, C. James-Reynolds.  Applied Artificial Intelligence, 34(2) . pp. 155-186. Taylor and Francis. 2020.

User Preferences in Intelligent Environments, J. C. Augusto, A. Munoz Ortega. Applied Artificial Intelligence, 33(12):1069-1091, Taylor and Francis. 2019.

ADAPT: Approach to Develop context-Aware solutions for Personalised asthma managemenT. Quinde, M., Augusto, J.C., Khan, N., and van Wyk, A., Journal of Biomedical Informatics, V111 , pp. 1-20. Elsevier, 2020. https://doi:10.1016/j.jbi.2020.103586

Collaborative Educational Environments Incorporating Mixed Reality Technologies: A Systematic Mapping Study. Almaas Ali, George Dafoulas, Juan Carlos Augusto, Magnus Moar. IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, 12 (3) . pp. 321-332. ISSN 1939-1382.  IEEE Press. 2019.


A Survey of User-centred Approaches for Smart Home Transfer Learning and New User Home Automation Adaptation. S M Murad Ali, Juan Carlos Augusto and David Windridge. Applied Artificial Intelligence, 33 (8). Taylor and Francis. 2019.


Context-aware solutions for asthma condition management: a survey. Mario Quinde, Nawaz Khan, Juan Carlos Augusto, Alechia van Wyk, and Jill Stewart. Universal Access in the Information Society, vol 19(3), pp. 571-593. Springer. 2020. OI: 10.1007/s10209-018-0641-5.


Perspectives on engineering more usable context-aware systems. Unai Alegre-Ibarra, Juan Carlos Augusto and Carl Evans. Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing. Springer. ISSN 1868-5137

A survey on the Evolution of the Notion of Context-Awareness. J. Augusto, A. Aztiria, D. Kramer, U. Alegre. Applied Artificial Intelligence. Volume 31 Issue 7-8. Taylor and Francis. 2018. DOI: 10.1080/08839514.2018.1428490

Interaction Patterns for Intelligent Environment: A Confident Interaction Design Solution for Pervasive Sensitive Services. Mario Vega-Barbas, Ivn Pau, Fernando Seoane, Juan Carlos Augusto. IEEE Access. 2018. [Available from Middlesex University Research Repository]

Using Argumentation to Manage Users' Preferences. C. L. Oguego, J. C. Augusto, A. Mu~noz, M. Springett.  Future Generation Computer Systems (Elsevier). 2018. [Available from Middlesex University Research Repository]

New Methods for Stress Assessment and Monitoring at the Workplace. Davide Carneiro, Paulo Novais, Juan Augusto, Nicola Payne.  IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing. IEEE Press. [Available from Middlesex University Research Repository]

A Survey on Managing Users' Preferences in Ambient Intelligence. C. L. Oguego, J. C. Augusto, A. Mu~noz Ortega, M. Springett. Universal Access in the Information Society, Springer. 2017.  [Available from Middlesex University Research Repository]


The User-centred Intelligent Environments Development Process as a Guide to Co-create Smart Technology for People with Special Needs. J. Augusto, D. Kramer, U. Alegre, A. Covaci and A. Santokhee. Universal Access in the Information Society, Springer. 2017. [Available from Middlesex University Research Repository]


A Formal Methodology to Design and Deploy Dependable Wireless Sensor Networks. Alessandro Testa, Marcello Cinque, Antonio Coronato, Juan C. Augusto.  Sensors, MDPI. 2017, 17(1), 19; doi:10.3390/s17010019 [Available from Middlesex University Research Repository]


An investigation into the efficacy of avatar-based systems for student advice. E. Currie, P. H. Harvey, P. Daryanani, J. C. Augusto, R. Arif and A. Ali. EAI Endorsed Transactions on e-Learning 16(11). [Available from Middlesex University Research Repository]

Engineering Context-Aware Systems and Applications: A survey. Unai Alegre, Juan Carlos Augusto, Tony Clark. Journal of Systems and Software

Vol. 117, pp. 55-83. ISSN 0164-1212. Elsevier, 2016. [Available from Middlesex University Research Repository]

eFRIEND: an Ethical Framework for Intelligent Environment Development. Simon Jones, Sukhvinder Hara, Juan Carlos Augusto. Journal of Ethics and Information Technology by Springer. Vol 17, issue 12, pp. 11-25, March 2015, Springer. DOI: 10.1007/s10676-014-9358-1 [Available from Middlesex University Research Repository]

A group decision making model for partially ordered preference under uncertainty. S.W. Chen, J. Liu, H. Wang, and J.C. Augusto. Information Fusion, Elsevier. pp. 32-41, Elsevier. March 2015. (PDF)

The Heuristic Strategies for Assessing Wireless Sensor Network: An Event-based Formal Approach. A. Testa, A. Coronato, M. Cinque, Giuseppe De Pietro, and J. C. Augusto. Journal of Heuristics, 21:145-175. March 2015 D.O.I.: 10.1007/s10732-014-9258-x, Springer Verlag. [Available from Middlesex University Research Repository]

Flexible Context Aware Interface for Ambient Assisted Living. James McNaull, Juan Carlos Augusto, Maurice Mulvenna, Paul McCullagh. Human-centric Computing and Information Sciences 2014, 4:1 doi:10.1186/2192-1962-4-1 (PDF)

A Linguistic Multi-Criteria Decision Making Approach Based on Logical Reasoning. Shuwei Chen, Jun Liu, Hui Wang, Yang Xu, Juan Carlos

Augusto. Information Sciences. Elsevier. Volume 258, Pages 266276. February 2014. (PDF)

Participatory research to design a novel system to support the night-time needs of people with dementia; NOCTURNAL. Suzanne Martin, Juan Carlos Augusto, Paul Mc Cullagh, William Carswell, Huiru Zheng, Wang Haiying, Jonathan Wallace, Maurice Mulvenna. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH) Vol.10(12), 6764-6782; Special issue on Advances in Telecare.

[Available from Middlesex University Research Repository]

Night Optimised Care Technology for Users Needing Assisted Lifestyles J. Augusto, M. Mulvenna, H. Zheng, H. Wang, S. Martin, P. McCullagh, J. Wallace. Behaviour and Information Technology. Taylor and Francis. 2013. DOI: 10.1080/0144929X.2013.816773 [Available from Middlesex University Research Repository]

Learning frequent behaviours of the users in Intelligent Environments. Asier Aztiria, Juan Carlos Augusto, Rosa Basagoiti, Alberto Izaguirre and Diane J. Cook. IEEE's Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics: Systems 43(6):1265-1278, Nov 2013. IEEE Press. (PDF)

Intelligent Environments: a manifesto. Juan C. Augusto, Vic Callaghan, Achilles Kameas, Diane Cook, Ichiro Satoh. Human-centric Computing and Information Sciences, 3:12, 2013. Springer. DOI: 10.1186/2192-1962-3-12. [Available from Middlesex University Research Repository]

Software Simulation and Verification to Increase the Reliability of Intelligent Environments. Juan Carlos Augusto and Miguel J. Hornos. Advances in Engineering Software, Volume 58, Pages 18-34, April 2013, Elsevier. [Available from Middlesex University Research Repository]

Ordering Based Decision Making - A Survey. Shuwei Chen, Jun Liu, Hui Wang, Juan Carlos Augusto. Information Fusion, V14, pp. 521-531, Elsevier. Jan 2013. DOI: (PDF)

Using Patterns Position Distribution for Software Failure Detection. Ziniu Chen, Chunping Li, Hui Wang, George Wilkie, Juan C. Augusto. International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems, 6(2):234-243, Taylor and Francis and Atlantis Press, 2013. (PDF)

A Reasoning System for Uncertain and Dynamic Environments. Zhirui Lu, Juan Augusto, Jun Liu, Hui Wang, Asier Aztiria. International Journal of AI Tools. Volume 21, Issue 05, October 2012. World Scientic. DOI No: 10.1142/S0218213012500236 (PDF)

A Sensor Technology Survey for a Stress Aware Trading Process. Javier Martínez Fernández, Juan Carlos Augusto, Ralf Seepold, Natividad Martínez Madrid. IEEEs SMC - Part C, 42(6)809-824. DOI: 10.1109/TSMCC.2011.2179028 (PDF)

Data and Information Quality issues in Ambient Assisted Living Systems. James McNaull, Juan C. Augusto, Maurice Mulvenna and Paul McCullagh. ACM Transactions on Data and Information Quality. 4(1), pp. 1-15, 2012. (PDF)

A Linguistic Truth-value Temporal Reasoning [LTR] System and its Application to the Design of an Intelligent Environment. Z. Lu, J. C. Augusto, J. Liu and H. Wang. International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems. 5:1, 173-196. 2012. Atlantis Press. (PDF)

Discovering Frequent User-Environment Interactions in Intelligent Environments. A. Aztiria, J.C. Augusto, R. Basagoiti, A. Izaguirre, D. Cook. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 16[1]:91-103, January 2012. Springer Verlag. (PDF)

Living Without a Safety Net in an Intelligent Environment. Juan C. Augusto, P. McCullagh, J-A. Augusto-Walkden. ICST Transactions on Ambient Systems 1[1], 2012. Published by ICST. (PDF)

Design and Evaluation of an Ambient Assisted Living System Based on an Argumentative Multi-Agent System. Andrés Muñoz, Juan Carlos Augusto, Ana Villa, Juan Antonio Botía . Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 15(4):377-387, April 2011. Springer Verlag. (PDF)

The Internet of Things: The Potential to Facilitate Health and Wellness. P.J. McCullagh and J.C. Augusto. Upgrade-The European Journal for the Informatics Professional. Special Issue on ``Internet of Things''. G. Montoro-Manrique, P. Haya-Coll, and D. Schnelle-Walka (Eds.). Feb 2011.


Visualization of Data for Ambient Assisted Living Services. Maurice Mulvenna, William Carswell, Paul McCullagh, Juan Carlos Augusto, Huiru Zheng, Paul Jeffers, Haiying Wang, Suzanne Martin. IEEE Communications Magazine, vol. 49, no. 1, January 2011, p. 110-117, ISSN: 0163-6804, 10.1109/MCOM.2011.5681023. IEEE Communications Magazine feature topic on New Converged Telecommunications Applications for the End User.   (PDF)

Scoping the Potential for Anytime-Anywhere Support Through Virtual Mentors. J.C. Augusto, V. McNair, P. McCullagh, and A. McRoberts. Italics, Nov 2010 (Volume 9 Issue 2), pp. 74-85.. Published by the HEA-ICS subject centre, UK. (PDF)

Learning patterns in Ambient Intelligence environments: A Survey. Asier Aztiria, Alberto Izaguirre, Juan Carlos Augusto. Artificial Intelligence Review, Volume 34, Number 1, 35-51, June 2010. (PDF)

Mass Function Derivation and Combination in Multivariate Data Spaces. H. Wang, J. Liu, J. Augusto. Information Sciences, Vol. 180, No. 6, pp. 813-819. Elsevier. 2010. (PDF)

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