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"Drawing Hands" lithograph (1948) by Dutch artist M. C. Escher

Undoubtedly one of the ares a of applications of these technologies which attracted more interest so far is AAL. See a brief description of Ambient Assisted Living Initiatives, in an article invited by the British Computer Society, published in the society magazine, IT Now, July issue, 2012. For a more technical presentation of the field see The Handbook of Ambient Assisted Living.

I have participated and led projects in this area. For example, the project NOCTURNAL, for which I was Technical Director, and was included in the annual report to Parliament (Department of Health) on research and development in assistive technology authored by FAST: Research and development work relating to assistive technology 2011-12", July 2012, pages 29-30.


I founded and help to run a workshop (WISHWell) to stimulate progress in this area. I also help with the organization of EvAAAL, a competition to assess and reward quality on AAL systems.


On a complementary line of research, I attracted support from the EC to develop technology to increase inclusion of people with Down's Syndrome in our society (see POSEIDON), and also the project on "Gamification to Support Healthier Lifestyles" 2018-2021 with support from GLL and London Barnet borough.


See a new MSc by Research on Ambient Assisted Living at Middlesex University

Ambient Assisted Living

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