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"Drawing Hands" lithograph (1948) by Dutch artist M. C. Escher

Undoubtedly one of the ares a of applications of these technologies which attracted more interest so far is AAL. See a brief description of Ambient Assisted Living Initiatives, in an article invited by the British Computer Society, published in the society magazine, IT Now, July issue, 2012. For a more technical presentation of the field see The Handbook of Ambient Assisted Living.

I have participated and led projects in this area. For example, the project NOCTURNAL, for which I was Technical Director, and was included in the annual report to Parliament (Department of Health) on research and development in assistive technology authored by FAST: Research and development work relating to assistive technology 2011-12", July 2012, pages 29-30.


I founded and help to run a workshop (WISHWell) to stimulate progress in this area. I also help with the organization of EvAAAL, a competition to assess and reward quality on AAL systems.


On a complementary line of research, I attracted support from the EC to develop technology to increase inclusion of people with Down's Syndrome in our society (see POSEIDON).


See a new MSc by Research on Ambient Assisted Living at Middlesex University

Ambient Assisted Living

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