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I have contributed with more than 280 publications, most of which are listed in this section. Many of the most recent ones can be downloaded, if you need any of the papers which is not available for downloading, let me know ...

Book Chapters (all peer-reviewed)

Disclaimer: in order to support publishers only PDFs of chapters published in a previous year are uploaded. If you are interested on a recently published paper contact me and I will be happy to discuss the results and processes we used.

"Smart Cities: State of the Art and Future Challenges" by Juan Carlos Augusto, in Handbook of Smart Cities, Major Reference Works Series, SPringer, 2021.

5G Smart and innovative Healthcare services: Opportunities, challenges and prospective solutions. Girish Bekaroo, Aditya Santokhee, Juan Carlos Augusto.  In “5G Multimedia Communication Technology, Multiservices, and Deployment”, Zoran Bojkovic, Dragorad Milovanovic, Tulsi Pawan Fowdur (Eds.). CRC Press, 2021. [Available from Middlesex University Research Repository]


Assessing Vulnerabilities in IoT-based Ambient Assisted Living systems. Ioana-Domnina Cristescu and Jose Gines Gimenez Manuel and Juan Carlos Augusto. In “Security and Privacy in Internet of Things: Challenges and Solutions”. J.L. Hernandez Ramos and A. Skarmeta (Eds.). AISE Series. IOS Press. [Available from Middlesex University Research Repository]

Sensorial Computing Puja Varsani, Ralph Moseley, Simon Jones, Carl James-Reynolds, Eris Chinellato, Juan Carlos Augusto. In: "New Directions in 3rd Wave HCI", Volume  1, pages 265-284. Filimowicz M. (Ed.). Springer. 2018. [Available from Middlesex University Research Repository]

Advancing Ambient Intelligence with Caution. Christian Huyck, Juan Carlos Augusto, Xiaohong Gao, Juan A. Botia. In "Communications in Computer and Information Science series", Volume 578, Springer Verlag, 2015. [Available from Middlesex University Research Repository]

Spatial health systems: the state of the art. Bjorn Gottfried, Hamid Aghajan, Kevin Bing-Yung Wong, Juan Carlos Augusto, Hans Werner Guesgen, Thomas Kirste, and Michael Lawo. Accepted to appear in \Pervasive Health" edited by Andreas Holzinger, Martina Ziee and Carsten Roecker. Springer Verlag. 2014. (PDF)


Context-Aware Discovery of Human Frequent Behaviours Through Sensor Information Interpretation. Asier Aztiria, Juan Carlos Augusto. In "Human Behavior Recognition Technologies: Intelligent Applications for Monitoring and Security", pages 14-32. H. Guesgen and S. Marsland(Eds.). IGI Global. (PDF)


Sensors for Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) and Smart Homes. Natividad Martinez Madrid, Javier Martinez Fernandez, Ralf Seepold, Juan Carlos Augusto. In "Autonomous Sensor Networks", Springer Series on Chemical Sensors and Biosensors, Volume 13, 2013, pp 39-71. Daniel Filippini (Editor). Springer Verlag. (PDF)


AAL4DS (Can AAL Technology Help People with Down’s Syndrome to Live Better Lives?). Juan Carlos Augusto. Proceedings of AALForum2012 (Tomorrow in Sight: from design to delivery), pp. 79-83, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 26th of September, 2012. (PDF)


A Context and Situational aware Multi Multi -Agent System for Ambient Assisted Living. James McNaull, Juan Carlos Augusto, Maurice Mulvenna, and Paul McCullagh. In "Situational Awareness for Assistive Technologies", pp. 99-124. Mehul Bhatt and Hans Guesgen (Eds). IOS Press. 2012. (PDF)


Designing More Reliable MAS-based Ambient Intelligence Systems. Juan Carlos Augusto, Miguel J. Hornos . In "Agents and Ambient Intelligence (Achievements and Challenges in the Intersection of Agent Technology and Ambient Intelligence)", Tibor Bosse (editor), pp. 65-90. IOS Press. 2012. (PDF)


Nocturnal Sensing and Intervention for Assisted Living of People with Dementia. P.J. McCullagh, W. Carswell, M.D. Mulvenna, J.C. Augusto, H. Zheng, and W.P. Jeffers. In Healthcare Sensor Networks - Challenges Towards Practical Application. D. Lai, R. Begg and M. Palaniswami (Eds.). Taylor and Francis/CRC Press. (PDF)

Intelligent Decision-Making for a Smart Home Environment with Multiple Occupants. A. Muñoz, J. Botía, and J. C. Augusto. In "Computational Intelligence in Complex Decision Systems", pp. 325-369. Atlantic Press. 2010. ISBN: 978-90-78677-27-7 (PDF)

A Many-Valued Temporal Logic and Reasoning Framework for Decision Making. Z. Lu, J. Liu J. C. Augusto, and H. Wang. In "Computational Intelligence in Complex Decision Systems", pp. 125-145.Atlantic Press. 2010. ISBN: 978-90-78677-27-7 (PDF)

Learning Preferences and Common Behaviours of the User in Intelligent Environments. Asier Aztiria, Alberto Izaguirre, Rosa Basagoiti and Juan C. Augusto. "Behaviour Monitoring and Interpretation: Smart Environments". Pages: 289-315. IOS Press. 2009. (PDF)

Past, Present and Future of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments. Juan Carlos Augusto. In "Agents and Artificial Intelligence (Revised Selected Papers of ICAART 2009 held in Porto, Portugal)". Series: Communications in Computer and Information Science, Vol. 67. Filipe, Joaquim; Fred, Ana; Sharp, Bernadette (Eds.). ISBN: 978-3-642-11818-0. Springer Verlag. 2009. (PDF)

Handbook on Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments: a state of the art by J.C. Augusto, Hidey Nakashima, and H. Aghajan. Introduction to "Handbook on Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments", Hidey Nakashima, H. Aghajan, and J.C. Augusto (Eds). Springer Verlag. 2009. (PDF)

Human-Centric Interfaces - Preface, by H. Aghajan, R. Lopez-Cozar Delgado, and J.C. Augusto. In "Human-Centric Interfaces for Ambient Intelligence", by H. Aghajan, R. Lopez-Cozar Delgado, and J.C. Augusto (Eds). Academic Press - Elsevier. 2009. (PDF)

Human-Centric Interfaces: Looking to the future, by H. Aghajan, R. Lopez- Cozar Delgado, and J.C. Augusto. Epilogue to "Human-Centric Interfaces for Ambient Intelligence", by H. Aghajan, R. Lopez-Cozar Delgado, and J.C. Augusto (Eds). Academic Press - Elsevier. 2009. (PDF)


Ambient Intelligence: Basic Concepts and Applications. Juan C. Augusto. Software and Data Technologies. Series: Communications in Computer and Information Science, Vol. 10. Filipe, Joaquim; Shishkov, Boris; Helfert, Markus (Eds.). ISBN: 978-3-540-70619-9. Pages 14-24. Springer Verlag. 2008. (PDF)

Ambient Intelligence: The Confluence of Pervasive Computing and Artificial Intelligence, JC Augusto. In Intelligent Computing Everywhere, Alfons Schuster (Ed.). Pages 213-234. Published by Springer Verlag, 2007. (PDF)


Smart Homes Can be Smarter, JC Augusto and CD Nugent. Introductory chapter to "Designing Smart Homes: The role of Artificial Intelligence", JC Augusto and CD Nugent, Eds. Volume 4008 in the series of Lecture Notes in AI by Springer Verlag, 2006. Pages 1-15. (PDF)

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