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"Drawing Hands" lithograph (1948) by Dutch artist M. C. Escher

About my research ... My Ph.D. thesis (UNS -1998, with a short stay in Exeter) focused on the intersection between the areas of Argumentation and Temporal Reasoning. Then I spent time as a postdoc in Southampton (2001-2003) where I was involved on an EPSRC project that investigated methods and tools to support companies on their process to develop more reliable software through the use of testing and formal verification.

During my stay at Ulster (2003-2012) and Middlesex University (2012 onwards) I started to become interested in using both software engineering and artificial intelligence to make Smart Homes 'smarter' and more 'reliable'. Later on my interest was absorbed by the broader and still closely related concepts of Ambient Intelligence, Ambient Assisted Living, Intelligent Environments, Smart Environments, Internet of Things (IoT), Pervasive Computing, Ubiquitous Computing, Person-Centric Computing and Smart Cities. These areas represented the efforts of different communities which have slightly different interests but have much more in common than what they differ on.


My over-arching research aims are to make systems in these areas more intelligent and reliable. My efforts in this direction are concentrated on the Research Group on Development of Intelligent Environments I created at Middlesex University.

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